Emily Greenwood

Having trained, taught and competed in various sports and martial arts for most of my life, I found that my interests lie in optimising the way that we use our bodies. As a result, I have followed these interests into further education and now hold a Sports Science degree from Aberystwyth University (BSc) and a First class honors degree from Oxford Brookes University in Osteopathy (BOst). 

My main aim as an Osteopath is to get you out of pain as quickly and as non-invasively as possible. We will work together to come up with feasible, long term management strategies to prevent re-occurrence of injury and get you back to doing what you love.


I work primarily using both osteopathic and other manual therapy techniques that specifically target the source of your pain, whether its a trapped nerve or a sprained ankle. 


Exercise management and/or activity modification, appropriate for your fitness level are also regularly utilised. This is to ensure that the effects of treatment are maintained between sessions and for years to come. 


Your experience and wellness are top priority. Most of my patients leave feeling relieved and prepared with enough knowledge and confidence to keep getting better even after they leave the clinic. 

I believe that everyone can achieve wellness and can take control of their situation. I am here to facilitate your bodies natural ability to heal and to optimise your efforts towards recovery.

I would like to further increase the recognition of osteopathy as a primary form of manual medicine.


I keep up-to-date with the latest evidence based research and other forms of manual therapy to give the best possible advice about exercise, nutrition and supplementation as well as a variety of techniques and treatment modalities that can be matched to each individual.